About Us

Who are the HoCo Young Democrats?

We are inspired and engaged Democrats between the ages of 14-35 who live, work, or go to school in Howard County. Our democratic beliefs motivate us to support our party, our community, and fight for issues we care about. It’s not enough to say we care. We feel the moral imperative to act now for our future. We hope you’ll join us!



To provide and support leadership development among young democrats in Howard County. To encourage our members to take positions as leaders in our organization, our community, and beyond.


To create and foster a dynamic, collaborative community of young persons where all persons are welcome. To provide opportunities to engage with other young democrats!


To take decisive action on issues we believe in as young democrats. To be an ally, voice, and an actor for change as a group and as individuals.

Get Involved


Our monthly meetings are typically held on the last Wednesday of the month at 7pm. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see upcoming events, or check on our Facebook page.

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